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What is in the future of comics? Is it even slightly possible to predict? Let's see if I can try.

Will art change? Definitely. The evolution of art in comics through out the years is an important staple in comics, as it dramatically changed over a period of thirty years. So how will the art look? Expect much more artists using manga, Japanese style of illustrating.

Will writing be different? Probably, especially now as movie and novel writers, like Kevin Smith (Clerks) are slowly coming into mainstream and independent comics and presenting stories of their own. Ten years from now, you can be sure that there will be a much higher standard of writing in comics.

Will the coloring be different? Duh. It used to be that some comics were colored with markers. Now, comics are being computer colored or, in some instances, painting. Coloring in the future will no longer be coloring for the sake of having color; it will be an art.

Will inking be different? Slightly. With the help of computers, inkers will no longer be needed at all, but I do not see why they would completely get rid of inkers because they can do so much more than a computer can.

But will the characters be different? No. Archie, Superman, Batman, Spider-Man. They're all staples in American culture and, no matter how much the comic book medium changes, the characters will always remain.