How to Write a Good Fan-Script

In Epidose II, ten years will have pasted. A lot can happen in ten years. So one must question as to what will have changed with our favorite (and unfavorite) characters from The Phantom Menace.

Let us begin with Obi-Wan Kenobi. He's now a Jedi Master, obviously, as we saw at the end of TPM and is still training Anakin. And because Lucas needs to show that time has changed, a beard is thought to most likely be the newest addition to Kenobi's complection. Assuming the Clone Wars take place in Episode II, one might conclude Obi-Wan is now a general for some planet. Obi-Wan may also be a much more deffiant character, much more independant. "Qui-Gon's defiance I sense in you," Yoda has said. The Star Wars Encyclopedia also speaks of Kenobi's defiance. It is also believed he may have fallen in love with Amidala as well, but this being only a rumor, no one is quite sure.

Then there's Queen Amidala. At the end of TPM, Amidala finally emerges as a passionate character, smiling at Anakin. We should expect the two's romance already to have developed even more of the ten years that have ellapsed. I would also expect an even wiser Amidala, considering her ten more years as queen. Finally, expect Amidala's costumes to not use bright colors such as red and yellow but now more blue and white, in order to show her aging, along with possibley longer hair.

Anakin, of course, will have gone through tremendous changes. He's now nineteen, a full-grown adult. However, he is still Obi-Wan's Padawan learner. It is unknown still if he has been tempted yet by the Dark Side, but he will be growing tired of the long years it has taken to be trained. He should now also be a pilot, because Obi-Wan was quoted as calling him a great pilot. As for character dynamics, expect a much more aggressive Anakin.

There are others too. There's Palatine, who is now Chancellor of the Senate. Not much will have changed over all, with the exception that he's most likely become a much more darker character. There's Jar Jar. Expect for a much more less-silly character who has developed into a lead through his ten years as a general. And expect for some all-new Jedi Council members because, after ten years, many are undoubtabley no longer part of the group.

Nate Raymond

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