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To the visitors of Generation neXt:

Well, it's been more than seven years now since I opened up this site. When I first started, I was only in the sixth grade, and now I'm a freshman in college. I still remember how absolutely crappy that original version was. Honestly, the only thing that's still the same is the name and the topic: Generation X.

I loved Generation X a lot. I mean, when most people were smart enough to leave the series when Larry Hama took over, I kept reading, if only for the hope that they would fire him. They did, of course, but then a few years later, the series was canceled. This was in 2001.

It's about to be 2004, and here I am, finally closing down my site. Well, not really closing down. This is more just a notice that there will be no more updates for the foreseeable future. I tried for a while to keep fresh updates by providing information about what was happening to Gen X characters in the other X-books, but quite frankly, I hate the current direction the X-titles have gone in.

The site will remain online; I have no plans to shut it down. I'd like to think of this site as a memorial to what was once a great comic book. Who knows, maybe someday Marvel will bring back Gen X and I can work on my site some more.

Nate Raymond

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