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For some reason, fans of comics love to write stories about their favorite characters. These stories are refered to as "fan-fiction." Below is a collection of Gen X fan-fic that I've been sent over the past several years.

BlinkBlade #1
By Paige "Bum" McKee
A spoof of the trend at the time to "amalgam" characters, BlinkBlade is an amalgam of Blink and WitchBlade. Watch as the insanity begins!

Dear Paige
By Maggie the Cat 
Angelo writes Paige a Valentines Day letter. 

Devil's Night
By Paige "Bum" McKee
Artie finally meets Tristan... and discovers the truth. Written as a Halloween story by the one and only Paige McKee!

DV8/Generation X: Hellfire and Deviation
By Skyrocket 
DV8 meets Gen X. 'Nuff said! 

From Jubes... to Ev...
By KayeAnne 
A Jubilee/Everett poem. 

Generation X Fan-Fiction
By Thomas Schmidt 
Not the most original fan-fiction title, but a good story none the less. This story takes place one week after the events in the Fox Generation X movie. 

Generation X vs. The Girl Scouts
By Mice 
What the heck? What's Gen X doing fighting girl scouts, you ask. Just read. Believe me, it's one of the most funniest fan-fic stories on the net! 

How Marvel Should (or Shouldn't) Bring Synch Back
By Jen Reed
The crazy misadventures of poor, dead Synch.

In the Thunder and Rain
By Brian
The team relaxes after the events of Generation X #1 and ponders the day's events.

I Wish You Knew
By Brian
Paige tries to find the words to use in a letter to Jono.

The Kiss
By Paige "Bum" McKee 
The big kiss between Jono and Paige. 

Late Fragments
By Ascian 
When Jubes on her death bed, what will Wolvie say. Very touching and excellent story. 

Only She
By Sel 
T'was the night before Valentine's Day and some big secrets are about to come out among the boys of the Generation X team. 

Red Snow
By Paige "Bum" McKee 
So, your wondering what happened right before Generation X #25? Click here to read the excellent, unofficial prolouge to Generation X #25. 

Restless Night
By Yujon3D 
Chamber can't sleep, and it's because of Paige. A great story for new readers! 

Why I Once Called You Sunshine;
Why Now I See You As Darkness
By Humber12/Blackwolf 
A touching Jono/Paige poem.