I Wish You Knew
By Brian
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On a cool, late-autumn's night in the Berkshires, a solitary light burns on in the at the Massachusetts Academy. While the rest of the world is seemingly asleep, one particular young woman stares off into the starry night. For Paige Guthrie, the first couple of months at the Xavier School have proved to be quite trying. Although one could make such an assumption naturally, the predicament at this moment does not deal with matters of villains, rogues, or even homework...

"Dear Jonothon..."

As Paige sits at the desk in her dorm room, with the desklight providing her only source of light on this new moon night's sky, she ponders her next words...

"I wish you knew..."

Paige, staring at the piece of looseleaf paper on her desk...

"I wish you knew how much I think of you."

Piled on top of her desk are various literature textbooks, hoping to draw inspiration from such works by Voliere, Dickinson, and Blasing.


The night grows older by the moment, as young Paige tries to match the words to her emotions and feelings. A crumpled piece of paper here, a torn piece there, another piece thrown out the window.

"Gosh darn it, why can't I write a simple note?"

"....is...that you Paige..?"

Jubilee awoke from her sleep, but as soon as the last syllable from her mouth was uttered, she was back asleep.

The chirping of the crickets gives way to the early chirping of birds, awakening before a new day.

"Ah need to hit the hay", and with that, Paige slowly removes her glasses from her tired face, lets out a big sigh, turns her desk light off, and turns slowly to her ever-welcoming bed.

Just as she takes off her sweatshirt before turning in, she spots a small, bright light just outside her window. As she closes her window, she smiles at the unassuming firefly outside, and falls slowly to her bed.


And just as Paige is about to enter dreamland, a bright, concentrated light is permeated through the darkness of the night. Small sparks of bio-nuclear energy run amongst the cool, dry air. As the figure stops under Paige's dorm window, a crumpled piece of paper is picked up.

I wish you knew...

The figure, almost statue-like, stands there for many minutes.


As dawn approaches from the eastern sky, the figure walks away toward the boy's dormitory almost on cue. The cumpled piece of paper, held ever so tightly, starts to burn and then becomes consumed by the energy spewing from the figure. A sudden momentary stop. Then, without hesitation, the figure continues toward the dorms, as the sun begins to rise.