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Hey, here's my links section! Yeah, there's tons more Gen X sites, I know, but these happen to be my faves.

BrianWood.Com - Brian Wood's very own site! Very cool, that's for sure, so check it out!

The Danger Grotto - No longer updated, but if you're looking for a large collection of Gen X fan-fic, this is the place to go.

Frostbytes: The White Queen Page - Possibly the best Emma Frost fanpage on the net!

Gambit & Rogue - Well, I warn you, this site is in Spanish. None the less, check it out to at least see what an amazing layout the site has.

Generation X Annotations - Some interesting companion notes about Generation X.

GenX - Trev's site, no longer updated, but go to it just to see how a good website should look like.

It Only Hurts When I Sing - This is absolutely the best resource on the net for information about the Age of Apocalypse!

JayFaerber.Com - The official site of Jay Faerber, one of the coolest Gen X writers ever!

Jubilee Unlimited - A nice little Jubilee page by a good friend of mine. It's very cool.

Kindred Spirits - Once known as "Tigrr's Generation X Site", this site is now one of the best sites of the web for Gen X.

Lavender Darts: The Blink Homepage - Although it's no longer update, this is still THE Blink page. Tons of info and pics!

Lead Poisoning: The Art of Tracie Mauk - Wonderful art by the great gal we call KatroZ!

Light It Up - This is an awesome Jubilee site! So much information! It's very cool, go check it out!

The M-Files - HOLY COW!!! This site is awesome!!! It's practically flawless! Dedicated to everyone's favorite snob, Monet St. Croix!!!

Proudstar Hall - Hey, not bad. This is quite the nice Gen X site. A great site to visit!

Reality Check - This is a kick-ass site dedicated to the Exiles. Very informative and a great layout!

StevePugh.Com - Great art by one of Gen X's finest artists ever.

Sugar Bombs (The Band) - Imagine my surprise to find out there is a band with the same name and similar URL as my website! They're pretty cool guys, so go check out their site!

TerryDodson.Com - The official website of Terry Dodson, and what a site it is! Take a look!

WarrenEllis.Com - Great! Check out Ellis's site for an in-depth look at what he did for Counter-X.

The Wolverine and Jubilee Site - Wow. That's all I can really say. If you want to see a kick-butt Jubes site, GO HERE!!!

X-Fan - This is THE X-Men site. Great site for X-news.

X-Fans Discussion List - I love this site. Not only does it have a discussion list as the title suggests, but also some great articles by the owner and other cool sections.

Got a site you want me to add? E-mail me!