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Check it out, great fan-art by wonderful artists from all around the web! Take your time, they're wonderful to look at and seriously kick butt. If you have some fan-art you would like me to archive, simply scan it and e-mail it to me at My computer can view most formats, so send 'em on in! Please note, though, that I do not post fan-art that is either a tracing or based on already-published Gen X art.

Avatar Ayaka-San Beverka
Chiaki Coyote Dark Claw
{dixey} Duncan Fionnuala
Glockgal Gordon Irikoy
Jen-X Lavender Girl Littlehorn
Mad Max Netlady Pandacrush
Paradox Tigrr Wildcat Tina
Tracie Mauk (Katroz) Yujon3D

Got a pic you want me to add? E-mail me!