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Characters Bios - Wanna find out who the kids of Gen X are? Do you want to know more about their allies and villains? Then click on the link and see it all!

Issue Checklist - This has been a major feature at my page for over three years. Wanna know why? 'Cause it has every single Gen X appearance ever listed!

F.A.Q. - Have a question? Need an answer? Why not try our F.A.Q., with nearly every important question that could possibly be thought up.

The Movie - A cult classic or a movie worthy of MST3K? Either way, this section contains information on the movie, cut scenes, trivia, and the sequels that never were.

Other Movies & Shows - Gen X was the inspiration for Darkness Falls? This and more in our section dedicated to movies and shows the Gen X kids have shown up in.

The Novels - Perhaps its time you trade up your graphic novels for some real books. The Gen X kids have stared in three, so those might be a good way to start.

Interviews - I've conducted and collected over a dozen interviews with Generation X creators over the years. Check them out!

Alternate Gen X - Parallel worlds with unlimited possibilities.