Alternate Gen X
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The Age of Apocalypse - In a world where Xavier died before he could form the X-Men, Apocalypse now rules the world with an iron fist, only allowing the strong to survive. Magneto, who witnessed Xavier take his life for Magneto’s, took up Xavier’s place and formed a team of mutants known as the X-Men.

In the Age of Apocalypse, Generation X is instead Generation Next, a completely different version of Generation X. Chamber never blew away his stomach so most likely his father or uncle figured out about Jono's powers earlier and made him a piece of machinery which hooks up to the front of his chest to help him focus his mutant powers. Mondo joined the team much earlier and talks in third person and is much meaner. The St. Croix twins never joined to become M and joined Factor X. When on a mission with their brother, Marius, their brother was killed and they went into an autistic trance. Nicole disappeared and Clarice joined Gen Next as a computer known as Know-It-All. Husk has dyed her hair red to impress Jono, can control her powers, and flirts with all the boys on the team. Vincente is on the team instead of with Emplate, wherever he is. Skin is still the same pretty much. And the team is taught by Colossus and his wife, Shadowcat.

During the entire four-part story line, Generation Next had to find Illyana to reset time back to normal. In the end, everyone dies. Too bad. Would have been cool to see what difference they would have made X-Men: Omega.

Other notable Gen Xers who appeared in the AoA were Jubilee and the deceased Everett Thomas who joined Gambit’s X-Ternals, Banshee and Blink who joined the X-Men, and Emma Frost got a lobotomy to remove her mutant telepathic powers and joined the Human High Council.

Amalgam - There’s the Marvel Universe and there’s the DC Universe. Both are distinctively different. But what if they were to have joined together, amalgamating everything in the universes together. Batman and Wolverine became Dark Claw. Superman and Captain America became the Super Soldier. The JLA and the X-Men became the JLX. Thus, the Amalgam Universe was born.

In the Amalgam Universe, Generation X existed as Generation X, in which they were amalgamated with Jonah Hex and his friends. They were an outlaw band of malforms (the original name for mutants in the universe) in the American Old West. Their line up included Jono Hex (Chamber / Jonah Hex), Madame Banshee (Madame 44 / Banshee), Johnny Random (Johnny Thunder II / Random), Skinhunter (Scalphunter / Skin), White Whip (Whip / White Queen), Retribution (Firehair / Penance), and the Twins Trigger (Trigger Twins, Cinnamon / Aurora & Northstar).

Other amalgamated Gen Xers include Sparrow (Robin/Jubilee) and Dial H.U.S.K. (Dial “H” For Hero/Husk). Also, an El Papamondo (El Papagaya/Mondo) and a M-Parasiteplate (Parasite/Emplate) were mentioned in the letter pages.

Days of Future Past - In the twenty-first century, Sentinals have overthrown the government after congress ordered S.H.I.E.L.D. and the army to shutdown the fourth wave of Sentinels. Currently, we only know what has happened to six members of Generation X. Jubilee, Synch, Leech, and the White Queen have formed a team of rebel X-Men that also includes Wolverine, Magneto, and Amiko. Franklin Richards is now in a mutant concentration camp with Rachel Summers (now his wife), Storm, Colossus, and Shadowcat. Mutants in the concentration camps can't use their powers, since they have inhibitor-collars. Banshee has been slain by Sentinels.

What If... - What if there were parallel worlds, where there’s something different in every universe. A world where Spider-Man joined the Fantastic Four. A world where Rogue absorbed Thor’s personality and ended up taking his place. A world where the X-Men were never formed.

    What If... #75 - Blink survives her blink wave that killed Harvest. Unfortunately, it also killed Gen X. Blink was transferred over to strange dimension where she could see the past through bubbles floating in the air. She discovered she could destroy the bubbles and create a new future. Unfortunately, she couldn't destroy the bubble with the Gen X kids dying in it.

    After destroying most of the bad bubbles, fixing the world from all plagues and hate, the In-Betweener showed up. Blink and him went into battle. Blink destroyed the In-Betweener then. She got his powers and his costume. With the In-Betweener’s power, Blink decided to try to destroy the bubble containing the death of Generation X. By doing this, not only did the Gen X kids stay dead, but everything that she had perfected in time was now happening all at once! Banshee figured that they should kill her so that this would end, but the X-Men were too stubborn to give up their children and a world with no hate.

    It's a bit confusing how the story ends, but the world returns to normal, except for the fact that Generation X is still dead.

    What If... #92 - Josh Guthrie, Husk's younger brother, discovers a Sentinel in a swamp and makes it his pet. Unfortunately, when Husk and Cannonball come home for a visit, the Sentinel attacks them. Josh tells the Sentinel to destroy itself, then. Personally, I have no idea why this story was in the What If...'s instead of in the regular Marvel Universe. Oh well.

Team X 2000 - It's the beginning of the twenty-first century and the Shi'ar Empire has taken over the Earth! Bishop and Deathbird accidently slip into this future and attempt to help Wolverine's X-Men rebel against the Shi'ar. Jubilee is one of these X-Men. Now known as "Vertigo," Jubilee's powers have developed into a far more deadlier farm than they ever were before She wears a green suit which seems inspired by Japanese clothing and some glasses which look like something Elton John would have worn. Other members of the future X-Men are Cable, Longshot, Falcon, and Dr. Doom. Archangle, Psylocke, Dazzler, Vulture, Sauron are also seen hanging around in the future.

MC2 - It's about twenty years into the twenty-first century. All the heroes we knew and loved have grown-up, retired, or died. Jubilee graduated from Generation X and eventually took over leadership of the X-Men, now called X-People, and had, for a time, been an active member of the Avengers. Franklin Richards has grown-up and taken the place of his mother on the Fantastic Four, now called the Fantastic Five. Synch has been seen in flashbacks as a member of the X-Men with Wolverine. Other non-Gen X related characters in this future are J2, the son of the Juggernaut; Spider-Girl, Peter Parker's daughter; the other X-People who's roster includes Angry Eagle, Torque, Spanner, and Simian; A-Next, the new Avengers, who's roster includes members such as Stinger, Mainframe, Thunderstrike, and American Dream.

Earth X - It's a stange future. No longer are super-powers a big deal, because everybody has them. So what happend to Generation X? Franklin Richards grew-up and went out on missions with the Fantastic Four. When his uncle Johnny Storm was killed by Namor, he placed a curse on Namor that whenever he was in the air he would be in flames. Emma Frost and Professor X died when the Skull was born, killing most major psychics. It is unknown what happend to everyone else, though Jubilee made a cameo in a flash-back in issue #0 and Banshee in a flash-back in issue #6. There is still chance, though, that we shall see more of them come the sequel, Universe X.

New Mutants 2035 - Although we shall never truely know if this was a real possible future or just something Franklin Richards dreamed up, the New Mutants of 2035 remain what could be considered the prototype of a future Generation X. Lead by a bearded, one-eyed Banshee, the New Mutants team consisted of Franklin Richards, Rachel Summers, Blaze (possibley a descendant or prototype of Shatterstar), Blue (obvious descendant of Nightcrawler, though the character may have had a bit of influence on Blink's powers), Cyberlock (prototype for Douglock), and a large African-American man who was never named. This all took place in New Mutants Annual #6.

Mutant X - Mutant X tells the tale of Havok who has accidentally slipped into an alternate Marvel universe where nothing is the same. The Beast has deevolved and is no longer smart, Spider-Man has six arms still, and Storm is a vampire. In issues #26 and #27, the Marauders guest-stared as the villains and, as luck would have it, both Husk and Jubilee are members, along with Sunspot, an over-weight Cannonball, and Wolfsbane. Jubilee is the leader of this group, and her powers are much more powerful than the 616 version of Jubilee. The Mutant X version of Husk seems to be unable or unwilling to return to her normal human-looking form.

Millennial Visions - Millenial Visions was a one-shot comic with lots of pin-ups and descriptions of alternate universes and futures many creators had in mind. Gen X characters appeared in several of these stories. Jubilee is on the cover, is in Tom Derenick's "By the Maker", and Jeff Lafferty's "Duty Calls", where she patrols the outer rim of the Shi'ar Empire with Wolverine. Meanwhile, Chamber appears in Adam Pollina's "Remnants". In this future, Chamber was the only surviving member of Generation X. Some of these futures are promised to appear in Blink and the Exiles.

Bishop's Future - Way back in Generation X #14, when Bishop guest-stared and saved the lives of Gen X, a strange thing happened after one attack: in is blury vision, he saw Monet is mistook her for his mother. From that point on these has been a strong connection to Gen X characters and Bishop. In XSE #1, it is revealed that Bishop and Shard's gradmother used to be an X-Man, hinting that she may have been either Storm or Monet. And for years it was rumored that Synch was Bishop's father. Bishop's future is no longer possible since he has stopped the X-traitor.

Evil Xavier World - When the Exiles were forced to confront and kill an evil Xavier, they had to first take-on his lackies. Amongst his minions was Chamber. Chamber fought Morph most of the issue, but was taken down when Cain Marko was thrown through the air and smashed him against a wall (Exiles #2). Why is it that Gen Xers seem to always turn evil in these types of universes! Are none safe from villainy! Anyway, the team eventually killed Xavier and the remaining heroes of the world, lead by Magneto, lead the way to restore the world to the way it should be.

Vi-Lock World - The Exiles hopped their way into a world where, because Warlock bonded with Cypher, the world populace became infected with the combination of Warlock and the Legacy Virus, creating V-Locks. The few uninfected heroes assist the Exiles combat the virus. Amongst these heroes was a grown-up Leech and a wheelchair-bound Emma Frost (Exiles #21).