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From time to time, Gen X characters like to pop-up on television and in movies. Sometimes these appearances make sense, like in the case of X-Men cartoons. Other times... well, their appearance can show you (Darkness Falls was inspired by Gen X?). Check out the list I have compiled of media appearances.

X-Men: The Movie
Jubilee cameos in the movie, played by Katrina Florece. Jubilee had no lines in the actual movie; however, if you go through the DVD's cut scenes, you will find a scene in which Jubilee is asked a question by Storm in class. Click here to see a picture of Jubilee.

In earlier drafts, Jubilee was a main character. Michael Chabon, author of Wonder Boys and the Pulitzer Prize winning Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay actually did an unproduced script proposal which included Jubilee as a member of the X-Men. Click here to access it. It's an interesting read. Also, it was rumored for a while that Blink would be in the movie.

X-Men 2
Jubilee returned in X-Men 2, only this time she was played by Kea Wong. Wong previously appeared in the minor role of Paula in the family film Snow Day. Click here to see a picture of Jubilee.

X-Men: The Animated Series
Jubilee regularly appeared. Banshee, White Queen, Leech, and Husk guest-stared. Blink made cameos at least twice, and Jono supposedly made a brief appearance as well.

X-Men: Evolution
Jubilee began to appear as a recurring character as a New Mutant in the second season of the series. Click here to see the evolution of the designs for Evolution's Jubilee.

Jingle All The Way
Generation X action figures can be seen in the toy store, among others (that's right, I'm that much obsessed with Gen X).

Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back
Generation X #74 can be sighted in Brodie's comic store! Click here to check it out!

Darkness Falls
In an interview with Newsarama, Joseph Harris, the writer of the hit Darkness Falls, revealed the movie's link to a comic book he once worked on -- Generation X.

"The very first inklings I had for Tooth Fairy - the original name for what looks like a burgeoning franchise in Darkness Falls - came during my time at Marvel. The exact details are a little hazy, but I had written a Generation X Holiday Special a couple years ago in which we learned that not only is Santa Claus real, but he's also a mutant. My editor at the time was giving me shit and kiddingly asked, 'So what mythological creature are you going to pitch us next, the Tooth Fairy?' And it was funny, because I'd already been thinking along those lines... but I was not giving this to Marvel."