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Believe it or not, I've actually interviewed several Gen X creators over the years. Here's a collection of all of them. Enjoy!

Eliot S! Maggin - Eliot S! Maggin and I talk about what it was like writing the Generation X novel and 1997 annual.

Larry Hama - Linkun talks to Larry Hama about what's next for Gen X.

Jay Faerber, Part 1 - If you want to see what the new Gen X writer has written and will be like, I suggest you read this.

Jay Faerber, Part 2 - Do you want some juicy spoilers straight from the writer's mouth? Then check this out!

J. Steven York - Originally printed in The Academy #4, York and I talk about his upcoming Gen X novels.

Jay Faerber: Post 50 - Jay and I talk about how his experience in comics has been over the past couple months. Spoilers included!

Jay Faerber: Five Years of GenX - Jay Faerber talks to Gen neXt about the future of Generation X after five years.

Scott Lobdell - Lobdell tells everyone what Gen X would be like if he was still writing it. Originally appeared in Academy #14.

Brian Wood - Brian Wood tells us what it's like to be the new writer of Gen X.

Jay Faerber: A Writer's Notes - Jay tells us everything he wanted to do with Gen X before he was fired.

York: Genogoths - Originally appearing in The Academy #1, J. Steven York talks about the latest Gen X novel, Generation X: Genogoths.

Brian Wood: The End - After Generation X was announced to be canceled, Brian Wood let me interview him for The Academy #3.

Steve Pugh - Steve Pugh talked to me about what it was like drawing comics and Generation X for The Academy #4.

Terry Dodson - The former Gen X aritst and I we talk about art, his career, and where the comic industry is going.

Brian Wood: Demo - The Counter-X writer talks to me about his newest series, Demo.