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There are two points in Gen X fandom which separates the veterans from the newbies. The first is the publication of the first issue of Generation X. The other is February 20th, 1996. This was the day when the Fox Television Network aired Generation X: The Movie. Written by Eric Blakeney and directed by Jack Sholder, Generation X was made on a low-scale budget with actors who, for the most part, were unknowns or out of work Generation X, although hardly remembered by most, is considered to be a decent watch for those who are into the comic.

The story was mainly focused on Skin (Agustin Rodriguez) and Jubilee (Heather McComb) and how they discover a dream machine with in Xavier's Institute for Gifted Children which allows them to go to the dream dimension' where they can do anything. Unfortunately for them, a mad-man named Russell Tresh (Matthew Fewer) also knows about the dream dimension and uses it to coax people into buying items for his business. Skin meets him in the dream world and accidentally gets Tresh stuck there. The movie also has Mondo (Bumper Robinson), Monet (Amarilis), Banshee (Jeremy Ratchford), and White Queen (Finola Hughes) and also has two made-for-tv Gen X members, Buff (Suzanne Davis) and Refrax (Randall Slavin).

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