Why I Once Called You Sunshine;
Why Now I See You As Darkness
By Humber12/Blackwolf
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I look at you, and 
I only see perfection. 
Golden hair I long to touch,
Sapphire eyes I want to
Gaze into for all time, and a
Face that radiates innocence 
And strength.... And a heart 
Greater than anyone else's in
The world. I think you could be
Heaven's most perfect angel. 
You are the uncorrupted light 
That pierces my gloom and
Drive all the darkness away.
Truly, you are purity and joy.
Yet when you turn to me
And dare to see me as a human, 
I back away, not wanting to hurt
You. I love you too much to 
Describe; That's why I do what I 
That's why I once called you 

I look at you, and 
I see a wounded man, always
Longing to be "whole". And you
Can't seem to see that you were
Always whole to me. I see not 
Your "disfigurement", I see not
Your face and eyes (handsome
And expressive they as they are);
That's only the sliver of the whole
You. I see someone of dignity, 
Honor, compassion and bravery.
Someone who deserves the 
Greatest love I can offer. You've 
Stolen my heart and soul. But you
Can't seem to see that my love for 
You is as valid as any can be.
You scurry away, back to the
Shadows of depression and rejection.
You don't know -can't see?- how that 
Hurts. Yet I can't ever quell the hope 
That soon, you'll admit your love for me. 
hat's why I now see you as

copyright 1999 Humber12/Blackwolf. All rights reserved.