The Kiss
By Paige McKee
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It was odd, he thought. The only sound in the room was her breathing. He could breath if he really really tried, he had almost forgotten how. How must she feel to be pressed against him, he wasn't nessarrly warm like a normal man, He has no heart, no blood flow his body is kept "alive" through the psionic energy that slowly eats away at him, never more so than at this moment. He heasitated then put one of his hands on the back of her head. He's been around, he's handled many drunk women before, but never after loosing the lower part of his face and chest. What could possibly be going through her head. He actually found himself inhaling suddenly as she reached under his leather jacket to loop her arm around and run it up his back. He's painfully aware that all she can probly feel is the wraps he wears not only to hide his gaping hole but also to help insure no further deteriation of his body. He tried to compose himself, think of things other than this. Think of his teacher in first grade. The pain in the back of his skull started slowly, like a creeping headacke.The pain growing in what used to be his heart starts even more as he feels the a hand coming up to remove the wraps around his face. He eases backwards out of her grip. She responded only with looking up at him with glassed over cyan eyes. She looks like she wants to say something but he didn't catch onto it.

The psionic energy is threated to rip him in half. He closed his eyes against the pain, He telepathically tried to warn Paige to get out of the room, Then again it is her room, but then again he's about to blow up her room. For the split second it took Jonothon Evan Starsmore to complicate this little thought, the situation has just slipped out of his control.

"Get. Out." He managed to send out. More of a thought than an order.

Paige looked at him, her eyes still with a glassed over look as a result of being drunk. It was clear she was sobering up fast, but not fast enough. She stepped back, her mind still refusing to give up what little fog it had left. "NOW!!" He psionically screamed and pushed her away to the ground to get her out of the way. He ran to the window, he doesn't make it in time. He's blinded by a yellow flash of light as the wall in front of his is desimated by his own psionic blast. He falls backwards as the blast eats its way thu the thick brick wall. If he had vocal cords anymore he'd be screaming at the top of his lungs with fear at his lack of control and the shear force the blast of Psionic energy had. As he fell back his power starts to destroy the ceiling above him, then as suddenly as his psionic power erupted it's gone, his body completely drained in one tremendous blast. His vision clears but still is spotted with purple dancing spots as a result of the bright glare. He realized with a sigh that aware that the ceiling was giving way and he couldn't move. The blast took everything out of him. He attempted to move to his side, but his body didn't comply. He's only partly aware that something intercepted a big chunk of derbis as it fells dangerously close to his body. He didn't know what it was, but as blackness sinks in he can feel himself and weight press against him as he falls down the three stories to the ground of the girl's dorm.

Paige screamed as loud as she could as she tried to hold onto Jonothon as the entire framework of the girl's dorm crumbled around her. A metal tube fell and clanks hard against her head. Fighting off the numbing paing she looked down at the now sleeping Jonothon and tightens her grip, suddenly all the weight piled on her and the small remaining segment of floor she's drapped across caused it to gives way. She held on to Jonothon with her right hand and attempted to grab onto a small pole with her left hand. She grabs on and exhales as the pole of what no doubt was tubing from the second floor bathroom holds. Paige tried her hardest not to panic. She threw a look down at all the rubble. If she wasn't drunk, this would have never happened. She would have never tried to come onto Jonothon, and the whole girl's dorm wouldn't be so much as framework and plumbing. Strange how stepping out of one's skin litteraly suddenly put everything into perspective. Paige smiled to herself. How profound. No longer drunk at all but a metal form hanging off a slowly breaking pipe of an old dorm. Oddly she wants to drink again despite the problem just caused by it. How profound. She thought to herself again.

The sound of Banshee's wail is drowned out by a loud snap. Paige looked up from Jonothon to the now broken pipe and the entire falling famework of the girl's dorm.

"Eep." She whispered to her self as both her and Jonothon fall the rest of the two stories, She tried her hardest to turn Jonothon around so he landed on her and not on the sharp bricks below. In metal form she can take a few scrapes and bruises alot better than flesh and blood. (Note: Jonothon doesn't bleed)

She doesn't make it, and landed with a hard thud next to Jonothon, left hand still clenched in a fist on his leather jacket.

The last thought she had before she passed out as well was about how it would have worked if this was on television.

(c) 1997 Lisa "bum" McKee
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