Generation X: Fan-Fiction
By Thomas Schmidt
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A quiet morning, only one voice can be heard in the room, that of Jubilation Lee. Unlike the rest of the girls here at Xavier's School for Gifted Children, Jubilee is somewhat troubled by her new way of life, see, "Gifted Children" means Mutant. To Jubilee, and ninety percent of America that word means trouble.

"Wake up Lee!" An almost anxious voice fills her still dreaming mind. "You are late!"

"Late for what Monet?" The groggy voice of the young thirteen year old girl echoes through the room.

In her most arrogant voice possible the enigmatic Algerian replied "Must you kids be reminded about everything? Banshee has decided to Introduce us to the man in charge."

"In charge?"

"Xavier?!?" The child replies with a voice filled with sarcasm. Needless to say, the matter has been totally put aside by the youngest of the mutants at Xavier's. The mutant Jubilee has been on edge since the day she arrived at the school. Within the last two weeks, she has been charged by the government for being a mutant, discovered there's a cruel world out there beyond the sunny suburbs and crowded malls of Los Angles. That would be allot for any young girl, not to mention that she and her new found "friends" were almost killed by a madman that is now rotting in a little white room somewhere. Xavier was just not the number one item on her list of things to remember.

"Shit! That's today, why didn't anyone tell me?" Now totally awake.

"Such language, young Jubilee! And they did tell you, they told all of us remember, Genetics class?"

With that, the mutant jumps out of the bed, and throws on her uniform. A splendid looking red and gold uniform complete with a com-signal belt buckle marked with an "X."

"Woah." The young girl blurts out. "I've never noticed that before"

"What now?" the almost annoying Monet replies.

"The X"

"What are you talking about?" a more serious voice comes out of the older of the girls mouth.

"You don't find that a bit egotistical?"


"X, as in Xavier."

"We don't have time for this, I'll explain to you sometime."

Monet grabs Jubilee by the hand and starts to pull.

"Wait" the young lady reaches for the coat rack in the corner of the room, and pulls off a tacky yellow jacket.

"Do you really think that's appropriate, I mean It was cute at first, but you are going to meet Xavier."

"It's totally cool, this Xavier must be some huge eccentric, just look at this place. I will be just fine."

"Hope so, common."


Jubilee has never run so fast in her life, the trip across campus only took her thirty seconds, needless to say, it usually takes her substantially longer. During the run with Monet, one mutant notices a sight she will never forget. It's not the limo that grabs their attention, but the rather large blue chauffeur in the front seat. After the barrage of old horror movie images clear her mind, she returns to reality, only this time the man looks normal.

"Monet, did you see that?" A truly astonished voice whispers.

"See what Jube?"

"Never mind."

With that, the children swing open the double doors to the foyer, not realizing that they are about to interrupt the most renowned geneticist on the planet.

"Welcome to our little party, Jubilee, Monet." His voice is calm, careful, as though he is immersed in complete thought.

"Sorry we're late sir."

"That's OK child, just try to be here on time for now on."

"Yes sir."

"Please sit"

Monet soon finds a soft spot on the couch next to her classmate known only as Mondo. Jubilee sits next to Ms. Frost, Headmistress at Xavier's school.

The quiet man now has the children's complete attention. Simply stated, they are afraid of him.

"What I have to tell you is of the utmost importance. Although due to human nature lacking in word for word recognition, I am asking you to let me enter your minds.

"Say what man?" Mondo was the first to break the silence.

"I am a telepath Mondo, and because you will not be able to understand what I am going to say to you, I want to Implant it into your subconscious, so you will understand."

At a pure loss of words, the boy nods his head and mutters "OK."

And with that, Xavier carefully probes each students mind. Each student has a different reaction. Kurt, the young mutant that is undecided about a "cool super hero name" and who is busy trying to look through Ms. Frost's panties, quickly snaps straight up and pays attention.

"Why does my head feel tingly?"

The Headmaster at Xavier's, Sean Cassidy comes up with a reply. "You'll get used to it after a wee bit lad, nothing to worry about."

The rest of the kids are soon probed in the same fashion, and one hour later the children at Xavier's now know the reason for the school, the truth about the government's mutant camps, and a dream. Xavier's dream for peace full coexistence of both humans and mutants.

After a short time the silence is broken. "You kids are free to go now, It may not seem like it but you have been through allot today. It's not everyday that your minds get probed by the most skilled psychic mind on earth."

"You mean that Ms. Frost? For the rest of the day?"

"Yes, just make sure you report to the dining room by eight."

"Sure thing teach." The always perky Jubilee springs up and begins to exit the room. "Common Skin, we gotta go check something out."

Angelo Espinoza is shy on the retort. "If it's OK with you Jube, I'd kinda like to stay and talk with the Professor a minute."

"All right man, your missing out. You in Arlee?"

"No thanks, me and Kurt are gonna go into town."

The reply doesn't surprise Jubilee, she has herd it before. As she stops at the door, she wonders why the two even care to socialize with each other, they are seemingly exact opposites. "Just being considerate, suit yourself. Mondo?"

"I'm in Jube, lets go." Seeming overly anxious to go on one of Jubilee's little adventures.

Monet, Arlee, Kurt, Jubilee, and Mondo leave the foyer through the large double doors leaving the room sparse, spare the headmasters, Xavier, and Skin.

"We'll be leaving you two alone now."

"That will be fine Banshee, thank you."

Xavier is not what one would expect. For supposedly the most powerful telepathic mutant alive. The man is bald, noble looking, and strangely looking as though he is in complete control and at peace with his genetic gift. This is puzzling to the young Latino boy. Angelo wonders why, with all the bad and evil out there in the world, and being an important man that he is, he wonders why no protection?

Xavier doesn't have to probe the boy's mind to understand what he is thinking. He has seen the look in other peoples eyes before. It seems almost second nature to answer the question he knows is lingering on Angelo's mind.

"The power I have is greater then any mind I have yet encountered, I could wipe clean memories, emotions, and even motor functions."

"So that's why you look so calm."

"That and I am trying to make a first impression."

"So you are just as nervous as the rest of us." The youth replies with little question in his voice.



"Hurry up Mondo! Gee whiz, you'd think what I have to show you wasn't important."

"Sorry Jube, just a little preoccupied."

"Well, don't worry about that, and hustle, we gotta find that limo!"

"Girl, you brought me out here to look at a car?"

"No stupid, the driver!"

"The driver, why you so up on him? And if we are gonna go for a ride in a limo, don't you think we should get out of uniform first?"

"Trust me Mondo, we may need to be ready for the worst case scenario."


Mondo shakes his head. "When are you gonna stop playing games Jube?"

"And you're one to talk, mister "I ate more than some jock in town last week."

"Well I did."

"You are such a child. OK. Shit! Be quiet, I don't want this guy to know we are looking for him."

At just that moment, both the kids look up. Just to see a very fat, very sleeping man in the front seat of a super stretch limo.

"So what's the big deal with fat ass over there?"

"I don't get it, this is not the guy I saw earlier."

"You didn't see anything Jubilee. It was just nervousness that got the best of you."

"It is not!" The troubled girl exclaims. "I saw a huge big blue furry thing with shades and a geeky little hat on."

"I think you are gonna spend your Saturday talking with a shrink Jubilee. That guy isn't the least bit..."

Suddenly, the bickering stops. The two children have witnessed a sight that few people have seen before. A seemingly normal human being sort of faded into a very large, very blue, entity. The blue beast that Jubilee spoke about has made his presence known.

"Greetings and salutations young mutants." The creature's voice is astonishingly bright and perky.

"Stay back! Madman!" A strong male voice comes from the mouth of Mondo, the mutant who's power is to absorb the density of any object he comes in contact with.

"We are powerful mutants and won't hesitate to take you out!" Jubilee tries to think of some cool comic book like sentence intended to intimidate her opponent. However she is doubtful that she and Mondo, let alone the rest of Generation X, have the power to take out this blue furred freak.

"I mean you no harm!"

Instinctively, jubilee reacts, extending her fingers and rebutting with her mutant power. "Eat fire hair ball!"

Mondo immediately follows procedure, tapping on his belt he shouts "Cerebro, execute mutant detention program "theta, epsilon, alpha!"

"Good 'ol theta, epsilon, alpha, huh? Foolish boy, I designed this security system myself!"

A look of surprise engulfs Mondo's face "Who the hell are you?"

"Doctor Henry McCoy, I am one of Xavier's friends. Now if you could please disarm the weapons system, and cool off Jubilation here..."

"How did you know her name?"

"I am a friend of Xavier's I know allot about you."

"Jube, chill!"

"You trust this guy?"

"Have I disarmed the weapons system yet?"

Jubilee stops the rain of pyrotechnic fire. "Be careful Mondo."

"Cerebro, disarm all weapon systems and stand down alert." The voice is not Mondo's, but that of Charles Xavier. "You need not be afraid of Hank, children."

Skin and Xavier observe the blue Beast.

"I'm sorry for not introducing you children to Mr. McCoy."