In the Thunder and Rain
By Brian (
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(Note: this story takes place the night where Generation X #1 left off)

With the thunder, lightning and rain passing through the Berkshires, the night howls with excitement as the first day of these mutants lives as a team draws to a close


Paige Guthrie and Jubilee are watching the local news report in the TV room

News Anchor: And now on a story WBZ 4 first brought you, today's disturbing news surrounding the attack of a passenger coming in from England that took place at Logan International Airport is now in the hands of federal investigators. The FAA and the Boston Police are looking at the security cameras at this moment to find out what exactly happened...

Jubilee: Whatcha think Huskie? First day of "class" and we've already made the 11o'clock news...

Paige: Yeah if you can say that...Emma supposedly hid us from the crowd right after the confrontation with Emplate so those federal investigators are gonna have a hell of a time trying to figure out what really happened

Jubilee <in a lower tone>: yeah

Paige, looking around to see if anybody's around but her and Jubilee
Paige <whispering>: What do you think about that girl we found? She kinda looks like that Emplate you think?

Jubliee, also looking around to see if it's just her and Paige <whispering>: I was thinking the same thing...! I didn't wanna mention anything to Sean or the White Bitch about it, cuz I kinda feel bad for her, she can't be any older than the rest of us and she was in terrible shape

Paige, holding close to a couch pillow: Yeah...poor girl...What do you think happened to her?

Jubilee: I hope it's not what I think it is...

Paige in quiet disbelief: You think? You think maybe she's been raped?

Jubilee: I sure to hell hope not...all those bandages and restraints? It can't be a good sign...

Paige: Oh Lord...<cringes>

Paige again: I just hope we can help her out <sigh> I should say a prayer for her tonight

Jubilee nods in agreement

A long moment of silence as the two are paying attention to the news

News Anchor: For all you die hard Patriots fans, the Tuna had this to say about Drew Bledsoe's stats in the first two games of the season, which were high-scoring losses to Miami and Buffalo. "You know, we put up 70 points in the first two games, with show. Drew's doing his job, it's the defense that has to do theirs, y'know?" In related news, the Pats cut defensive end Jason Carthen today...

Paige: Who's still awake?

Jubilee: Ev went to bed just before we started watchin TV, Angelo said something about ordering a pizza,  <in a sarcastic tone> Jono's probably howling at the moon hehe...Monet's probably still unpacking the rest of her life or climbing a tree for no freakin reason again...

Paige: Hahaha...<whispering> What about Mr. Cassidy and Emma?

Jubilee: Sean's probably tinkering with the Biosphere, and I could care less what the Bitch Queen's up to right now

The doorbell rings

Angelo, walking in with a wad of cash in his hand: I got it chicas, it's for me

The pizza guy gives Angelo his pizza

Angelo, giving the guy a fifty: Thanks hombre, keep the change !

Jubilee: Dude, where'd you get all that dough?

Angelo, with a sarcastic smile: That's for me to know and you to not find out

Paige, playfully asking: Hey Angelo, got any for us?

Angelo: Oh, I got something for you alright, bonita...hahaha <coughs>

Jubilee: Riiiiiight dude, like you'd ever get the chance

Paige and Jubilee laugh

Angelo to Paige: You know where to find me chica <wink>

Angelo heads upstairs to his room, as Paige lets out a big yawn and stretches

Paige: Well Jubes, I'm gonna call it a night...I'll see ya in the morning

Jubilee: Alright...g'nite cornhusker...

TV: It's Saaaaaaaaturday Night! With Chris Farley...Phil Hartman...Kevin Nealon...David Spade...featuring Adam Sandler...Sarah Silverman...with G.E. Smith and the Saturday Night Live band...Musical guest: Janet Jackson...and now your host...Keanu Reeves!

Upstairs in the boys dormitory, as Ev sleeps and Angelo eats his pizza while playing Madden '95 on his Sega Genesis

A solitary figure stand alone atop the 2nd story overlook from outside the boys dormitory

The rumble of the thunder and the passing lightning are slowly beginning to let up, the steady rain starts to become drizzle

Jonothon: <sigh> what's next you faceless pollock?  I'm afraid I do not know the answer...

The raindrops tap and tap some more against this face, the air becomes increasingly thick

Angelo, yelling at Jono: Hey Jono? You there?

Jonothon Starsmore needs not give an answer, and Angelo does not expect one in return

As the rumbles of thunder become more distant, the glow of the TV in the boys dormitory has since faded as now Angelo himself has turned in to sleep


As the last of the rain falls, and the thunder begins to clear giving way to a damp, cool early autumn night's air

Jonothon: It's time I've started to come to grips with myself ol' Starsmore ol' lad...

Jonothon heads inside the dark and silent room from out on overlook, only to turn back and take one last look and catch a quick glimpse of the barely visible full moon behind the clouds

Jonothon, walking in and closing the window-paned doors behind him: It is time indeed...

The wind starts to slowly creep in through the window curtains near Jonothon's bed

A final wimper of thunder from the night's storm gives way in the distance