Adrienne Frost
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Adrienne Frost
Real Name: Adrienne Frost
Past Teams: Generation X, Hellfire Club
First Appearance: Generation X #48
Death: Generation X #70
Age: late 20's
Nationality: USA
Known Family: Emma Frost (sister), Cordella Frost (sister), mother, father

Adrienne has psychometric powers which allow her to touch an object and find out information from psychic residue left on the object from a previous person who touched it.

While Emma was fending for herself on the streets during childhood, Adrienne was already building her financial empire. Emma and Adrienne in fact hadn't seen eachother in almost 8 years. When the Academy began having financial problems, Emma turned to Adrienne for help. Adrienne used her powers to find out the students were mutants and told Emma she's do it but only if she could be a head-mistress at the school. Guess what happend? Later Adrienne tried to kill Gen X, wanting to become the newest White Queen. She later returned in order to try to defeat Generation X again by turning all of its human school members against the mutants of the school. She was ultimately killed by her sister Emma with a gun.

Notes and Personal Thoughts
Wow. That's really all I've been able to think of this character for a while. She's tried to kill Gen X, killed a man while having sex with him, had sex with a teenager, turned an entire school against its mutant members, and was ultimately killed by her own sister. That's really extreme stuff.

Did'ja Know. . .

  • Adrienne's own enterprise is by far way more successful than Emma's.
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