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Real Name: Artie Mandicks
Current Team: None
Past Teams: X-Factor, X-Terminators, Morlocks, Generation X
First Appearance: X-Factor #2
Love Interest: None
Age: 8
Nationality: USA
Known Family: Dr. Carl Mandicks (father)(dead)

Artie is a telepathic thought-projector who can transform his thoughts or those of people around him into three-dimensional holograms.

Artie was a average kid -- until his 11th birthday when his skin turned pink, went mute, and developed his mutant ability to project holograms. Forced to talk through pictures, his father tried until his death to find a cure for his son's "problem." All alone, Artie found a kid who, coincidentally, sorta looked like him named Leech and became best friends. They went throught a lot together, including the Mutant Massacre, membership on the X-Terminators, schooloing at a private school, and, now, even Generation X. He and his friend, Leech, lived in a tree house in the Danger Grotto until recently when the grotto mysteriously disappeared. They lived in the attic for a while, but now no longer are members of the team. They now live with Monet's father, Cartier St. Croix.

Notes and Personal Thoughts
At times, I fealt Artie and Leech were put on Gen X merely to get a few more laughs out of the readers. Oh well.

Did'ja Know. . .

  • In Artie's first appearance, he had white hair. Now he's bald.
  • Sumbit Did'ja Know... Facts