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Real Name: Clarice Ferguson
Past Teams: Generation X
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #317
Death: X-Men #38
Love Interest: None known
Age: 15
Nationality: The island of Cartusia in the Bahamas until she was four, then her family moved to the USA
Known Family: A brother

In the regular Marvel universe, Blink had barely any control of her abilites. She was able to use her abilities to distort reality around an individual. This distortion, when successful, will make a person disappear into nothingness. However, in the Age of Apocalypse, her powers were fully developed. She was able to teleport herself and other people or objects at will. This power was controled mentally and at her command, which allowed for interesting uses, such as killing a foe by closing the portal before the person is through it. She could also charge an object and use it as a throwing weapon.

Um.... she was kidnaped by the Phalanx and then died saving Gen X. Sorry, but we really don't know much about her.

Notes and Personal Thoughts
As a note, many people may be asking themselves why I have chosen not to include information about the Exiles on this page. The thing is, the Exile's Blink is a different Blink than this one, as that one came from the Age of Apocalypse. This Blink is much more different than that one.

Did'ja Know. . .

  • Blink was born with her lavendar skin.

    Sumbit Did'ja Know... Facts

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