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Real Name: Gaia
Current Team: Generation X
Past Teams: None
First Appearance: Generation X #37
Love Interest: Synch (former)
Age: Over 1,000 years old
Nationality: ???
Known Family: None

Gaia has near-omnipotent telepathy and make whatever she wants by just thinking of it. She is suspected to have more powers that we don't yet know of.

Little is known about Gaia. For centuries, Gaia had been strapped down to a rock, "protecting" the universal amalgamator. When Synch met her, he freed her from her punishment and brought her back to the real world where she joined Generation X. She later quit in order to explore the world.

Notes and Personal Thoughts
Originally a very dull character, Gaia was slowly becoming one of my favorite characters. Now I must only wonder: where has that pink-haired chick gone?!

Did'ja Know. . .

  • Gaia's hair was originally blonde.

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