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Real Name: Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. Croix
Current Team: X-Corporation
Past Teams: Generation X
First Appearance:
The Twin Version: Uncanny X-Men #316
As Penance: Generation X #1
As the True Monet: Generation X #40
Love Interest: Chamber (former), Synch (former), X-Corps
Age: 16
Nationality: Algerian
Known Family: Marius St. Croix (brother), Nicole and Claudette St. Croix (sisters), Cartier St. Croix (father), Mere (mother, dead)

Monet has many powers. These powers include super strength, flight, and telepathy. Obviously, she has more powers, but we don't know of them yet.

Monet always lived a rich life. After ticking her brother, Marius, off, she was transformed into the form of Penance. For the next couple of years she was used as a food source by Marius, feeding his hunger for mutant genetic marrow. After being saved by Gateway and transported to the Massachusetts Academy, she was taken care of by Generation X and an imposter Monet (her two twin sisters who had merged together to "be" Monet). Following a tremendous (and terribly written) battle with Emplate about a year later (in comic book time, that is), Monet regained her true form when her sisters took her place as Penny.

After Gen X
Monet went home to Algeirs after the team disbanned. However, it was only a little while later than she was contacted by Banshee to join the X-Corps, which she did.

Notes and Personal Thoughts
One thing people forget is the fact that anything that Monet liked as Penance she most likely still likes. Thus, she probably still loves apples and probably has a bit of a crush on Chamber.

Did'ja Know. . .

  • Monet's advanced intellect is NOT a power. It is something she developed on her own.
  • When Monet was in the form of Penance, she had a constant craving for apples. [Koolaid]



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