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The son and daughter of the Nazi terrorist Baron Von Strucker, the Fenris twins were genetically altered by their father`s scientists to possess powers. The twins attempted to activate a device which would terribly mutate and kill people of New York, but Generation X managed to successfully stop them.

Real Names: Andrea and Andreas von Strucker
Current Teams: Fenris (leaders)
Past Teams: Upstarts
Powers: Gestalt power which only works when they are in physical contact. Andrea projects disintegrating energy, and Andreas projects concussive force.
First Appearance: Uncanny X_Men #194 (in real identities), Uncanny X_Men #200 (as Fenris)
First Meeting with Generation X: Generation X Annual 96

Forge, soon after X-Factor split, came to Generation X to help create a Danger Room out of spare parts found in the alien machiney known as Paradox. 

Real Name: Unknown 
Current Teams: None 
Past Teams: X-Men, X-Factor 
Powers: Mystical spell casting abilities, intuitive genius for inventing special devices and weapons 
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #184 
First Meeting with Generation X: Generation X #46

The Freaks
The Freaks are a SPB team lead by Trance (and possibly psychically controlled by him as well). The team has had many encounters with Gen13 in the past. When Vortex was kidnaped, the Freaks, Emplate, Gen X, and Gen13 fought over him. Gen13 and Gen X won, freeing Vortex.

Members: Trance, Phobia, Nymph, Albino, Lucius
First Appearance: Gen13 #8
First Meeting with Generation X: Gen13/Generation X #1

Cordelia Frost
Since we have very rarely seen Cordelia, little is known about her. We know she is the youngest of the three Frost sisters and that she has some form of psi-powers. She met Mondo on Somoa and when he was kidnapped by the Hellfire Club, she came to Gen X for help. She has not been seen since. 

Real Name: Cordelia Frost 
Current Team: None 
Past Teams: None 
Powers: Some sorta of psi-power 
First Appearance: Generation X #3 
First Meeting with Generation X: Generation X #3