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New Hellions
The New Hellions were Emplate's very own team of mutants who have been brain-washed into accomplishing his dirty deeds. The members consisted of: Bulwark, who has super-strength; Vincente, who had the ability to turn into a purple mist; and Murmur, who was capable of teleportation. It is unknown was has happened to the New Hellions. 

Members: Vincente, Murmur, Bulwark, Wrap, Nocturne 
First Appearance: Generation X #12 
First Meeting With Generation X: Generation X #12

New Warriors
The New Warriors, like Generation X, are teenage super-heroes. Called at times “Junior Avengers”, the New Warriors are in fact all on their own trying to save the innocent. They and Generation X at one time fought and then teamed up in order to defeat a villain of goo known as Biohazard.

Members: Aegis, Bolt, Namorita, Nova, Turbo, Speedball
First Appearance: Thor #411
First Meeting with Generation X: Generation X #59

Nightmare is the keeper of the nightmare dimension. He watches over the nightmares and torments people in their dreams for his own amusement or gain power power psychically through the nightmares he creates. His main objective is to bring the nightmare realm into our realm or our realm into the nightmare realm. He has taken on a human form (Edvard Haberdash) to get away from his realm. His confrontations with Generation X have been with Emma on various occasions. 

Real Name: Edvard Haberdash (human form) 
Current Teams: None 
Past Teams: None 
Powers: Ability to control dreams using a persons mind 
First Appearance: Strange Tails #110 
First Meeting with Generation X: Generation X #20

Tana Nile
Tana Nile is a Rigellian, a race who live to colonize on other planets. Tana Nile was fed up with this life so she fled Rigel and went to Earth, hoping to help some of earths heroes, such as the Fantastic Four and Avengers. When she reached Earth, she was injured, but with the help of Artie and Leech she healed. 

Real Name: Tana Nile 
Current Team: None 
Past Teams: Colonizer of Rigel 
Powers: Ability to increase mass and strength 
First Appearance: Thor #124 
First Meeting with Generation X: Generation X #20

Walt Norman
Walt Norman is a very popular radio personality on his The Walt Norman Show. He’s a mutant hater who talks on-air about the troubles of mutants. He was terrorized by some mutant terrorists, but thanks to Generation X and a few mutants of M.O.N.S.T.E.R., he was saved. Afterwards, he brought Recall, a M.O.N.S.T.E.R. member, on board as a co-host.

Real Name: Walter Norman
Current Teams: Some radio group
Past Teams: None
Powers: Completely human
First Appearance: Generation X: Crossroads
First Meeting with Generation X: Generation X: Crossroads