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Real Name: Unknown
Current Team: None
Past Teams: Generation X 
First Appearance: The Monet Version: Generation X #1, The Twin Version: Generation X #40, New Version: Generation #57
Love Interest: None
Age: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Known Family: Unknown

Penance has razor sharp and rock hard skin which allow for absolutely no human touch without the sheading of blood.

Penance is a strange character. First, Emplate transformed Monet St. Croix into her. Then, later on, the St. Croix twins took over the body so that Monet could be free. Finally, the twins leave the body due to an explosion and now, what should be an empty shell of a body, is now the third Penance. However, any history beyond that point is unknown, though she has carved an ice sulpture of someone she misses. Penance now lives with Monet's father, Cartier St. Croix.

Notes and Personal Thoughts
I just wish Hama had never messed with Penance. This is the most confusing character I have ever heard of.

Did'ja Know. . .

  • When Sean first met Penance, she was outconscious. He attempted to lift her and bring her back to the school, but almost cut of his hands.

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