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Here is a bunch of miscellaneous quotes I've found throughout the years from Generation X. Enjoy!

Husk: "Isn't that the whole reason we're at this school, to learn how to be the best mutants we can be?"

"The way I figure, big brother, being mutants is easy for us, now being a family, that's hard!"

"I realize I'm supposed witty comment prepared all ready to destract you while I tan your hide six ways till Sunday but I'm still new to this. You won't mind if I skip ahead to the part where I kick your butt?!"

"Ah don't know what makes me madder, gal, the fact that ya thought that I was as stupid to believe you weren't playin' possum or the fact you were right!"

Skin: "Hola! My names Skin. Relax. All you're missing is a view of me kicking your butt!"

Jubilee- "Is that a cigarette, dude? I'm sooooo impressed."
Skin- "I have a list of people I try to impress, chica and surprise, surprise, you're nowhere on it.

Chamber- "What kind of future do I have with anyone, let alone her? Look at me. I'm a freak. Certainly can't kiss a girl."
Skin- "Yeah, you're hideous. Blah, blah, blah. If you don't mind, I'm gonna doze off for a while, okay? Wake me when you have something original to say."


Mondo: "Whoa. So this is the rest of the world."

"Aren't you proud? Or didn't you realize while you were learning about Mondo, Mondo was learning about you? How to stop you. How to kill you."

Chamber: Jubilee- "Dude. That was, like, ninety-nine percent risk."
Chamber- "Life is a risk, Lee. It just rarely works out this well."

"Answer our questions, and no one gets hurt. Much."

Chamber- [To Tristan] "Much as I'd like to, I can't stop Paige from goin' out with you. But if you cause her even the slightest discomfort... well, let's just say my powers have a nasty habit of blowing blokes' faces off."

Jubilee: Synch- "Look, Jubilee, I'd like to think I'm as supportive as the next guy but is this really necessary?"
Jubilee- "No, I'm just out here 'cause I couldn't figure out how to work the girls' showers! DUH! Now shut up, Everett, so I can ask our "buddy" here some questions!"

"Yo! I should let you know that I get torked when people ignore me!"

"Don't try'n make me feel bad. It wasn't my idea to be kiddnapped!"

"Today, huh! Are we playin' baseball here or hostin' an episode of "Forgotten Mutants: Where Are They Now?"

"Wolvy may be a little rough around the edges, but that doesn't give you call to dis a dude who walked up all the way from Westchester just to share his hard-earned knowledge with us!"

"Three words, chump: back and off!"

"Home sucks, man. Freedom rocks!"

"We're Generation X. We don't have a kind."

Synch: "Between learning I'm a mutant and slugging it out with the Phalanx, I doubt Missus Thomas' little boy Everett is going to be surprised by anything again."

"Y'know, if that's what an X-Man is, I'm not sure I want to be one."

Chamber- "Nice save, mate."
Synch- "Yeah, well it's a team-work thing."


M: "As I've said in the past, there is precious little I don't know."

Jubilee- "Whoa. Cool digs ya got, Banshee. I'm, like, without speech here."
Monet- "Were that but true."

Jubilee- {To Paige, speaking about Monet} "Yeah, and if my power was to be Miss Perfect Priss '94, I wouldn't try to hide it, either."
Monet- "But instead you give off sparks from your hands. You must be quite amusing at parties."

Wolverine- "You ready on third, Monet? Can you handle a triple play?"
Monet- "*sigh* If I have to."

M- "That was certainly a valid attempt at a rescue. Though I don't understand what you were planning to do without the use of my superior strength."
Jubilee- "Way I see it, M - if you can press that slab and pat yourself on the back at the same time...how heavy could it be?"
Monet- "Should I drop it? Then we'll find out for sure."

M- "As a native Algerian, I've always been unclear as to why this is 'America's Favorite Pastime'"
Banshee- "And now, lass..?"
M- "Now I'm positively mystified."

Jubilee- "Climing trees, M? Isn't that, like, totally second grade?"
M- "As the authority on all things immature, Jubilee, I'll have to take your word for it."

M- "So, Mister Brawn... if you know so much about us, you'd know I could easily prevent you from giving away our little secret by dropping a train on your head."
Tristan- "You can't lift a train, Monet."
M- "I can too."

Blonde Girl- [About Chamber] "He knows sign language! How... romantic!"
M- "Yes, he's a charming devil, isn't he? But he just signe that he must be going. He's got to scrub down the puss-filled sores under his bandages."
Blonde Girl- "Did she say... puss?"


Banshee: "They seem like a fine brood of children... I might as well accept the truth now: They're going to bury me alive."

"There's always a new dawn, lass. That's the big fella's way of tellin' us that there's always hope in the world."

Brawn- Who are you and how did you find us?
"That gorilla next to you doesn't use enough deodorant. I smelled my way here.


Emma: [About the kids missing...]
Banshee- "But... Emma... the kids! They're gone."
Emma- "But they're not dead."
Banshee- "How can ye be sure?"
Emma- "Because I've lost one set of students, Sean. I remember what death tastes like. Trust me. They're alive."

"Don't gloat child, it's a sign of poor up-bringing."

"Don't play mocho with me, Sean. I could have you fetching frisbees like a trained pooch."

"Life is rude, Monet. Adapt."

"You strike at me, I'll strike back harder."

[About Maggott] "All right, who was that young man, and what did he want with my lingerie?"

Leech: [Right after dumping Emma's underwear on Hulk...]
Hulk- "Lovely"
Leech- "Those look better on the White Queen, you big dummy!"

Franklin Richards: Bev- [to Howard the Duck] "You appear to be in flames."
Howard- "No? Really? Tell me somethin' I don't know, lady!"
Franklin- "Mr. Duck, you should try shouting "Flame off!" It works for Unca Johnny all the time...I mean, it used to..."

"Mom! Dad! They... they told me I gotta wipe out a universe... and I don't know which one! Tell me which one I should get ridda... and promise you won't be mad at me?"