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Real Name: Everett Thomas
Past Teams: Generation X
First Appearance: X-Men #36
Death: Between Generation X #70
Love Interest: LaWanda (former), Gaia (former), Monet (former), Jubilee (former)
Age: 16
Nationality: USA (St. Louis, Missouri)
Known Family: Dr. Stan Thomas (father), Ida Thomas (mother), Kim Ho Twae (adopted sister), a little caucasian boy (adopted brother)

Everett has the ability to get genetically in synch with any other mutant power within a limited range with his mutant aura. This means he can mimic other mutant powers.

Raised by his mother and father, Everett experieced what, by most people's standards, was a normal life. Until, that is, his mutant powers developed. Accidentally shattering up all the windows in his town when he accidentally got in "sync" with Banshee and let out a sonic scream, St. Louis soon found out how wrong their assumptions were. After battling the Phalanx, Ev joined the ranks of Generation X. Synch died when a bomb that he was unable to disarm blew up.

Notes and Personal Thoughts
Has anyone noticed that Synch was created mainly to be Jube's straight man, the bare necessity to any good comedian? Just wondering. It's also ironic to note that the same day Ev and Monet found love with each other he died.

Did'ja Know. . .

  • In the Days of Future Past future, Ev and Jubilee are lovers.



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