Not Quite Terrestrial Tagline
So, you want lots of cool NQT art that never made it into the comics? You say you want to see Tracie "KatroZ!" Mauk's original NQT designs? What, you want to see or submit fan-art? You want to see our rejected or unused page layouts or layouts done by artists who didn't do the actual published pages? You want pictures from that thing we call NQT: Draft 1? Well, you've come to the right place! These are the NQT art galleries, featuring almost every single spare NQT pic we could find. We hope that these will help you understand even more the process it took to create Not Quite Terrestrial. Enjoy!

Production Art - These are designs of characters, costumes, and clothing mainly. There are quite a few unused designs lying around here, including Sierra's funeral dress and Shawn Collin's guards' suits.

Building Designs - About once an issue anymore the artists of NQT realize there's some sort of room or building in the script that we've never seen before and that we need to design it first before drawing the issue. These are some of those designs.

Alternate Takes on Scenes - Early on, many artists would come on-board NQT and would then not be able to finish their duties and would abandone art. Other times we would have to change or tweak our art in a second or third version. And sometimes we even forget exactly what page it is we're supposed to draw and accidentally draw someone elses! And these are those pics!

Draft 1 Art - Every now and then while cruising our site you may come across a mentioning of a Draft 1 or even a picture of Sierra with a superhero mask on. But why? Well, Tracie and Nate have a secret: they did an entire issue of NQT once with Sierra as a superhero named "Alien-Girl" and deemed the plot so rediculous they abandoned the comic! But designs and even pages still remain and this section contains many of the designs.

Fan and Commisioned Art - If there's one thing that's certain in life it's that artists love to be artists. Many of these artists even draw NQT pictures for us from time to time. Here are some of them. Many are fan-art. Some are commisioned pieces of art. Others atrre just from friends.

Misc. Art - The art that doesn't fit into any other category. You'll have to click the link to see what those pieces are.

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