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Wanna find out about those crazy dudes who created NQT? Well, here they all are, the writers and the artists!

Nate "Nate1234" Raymond, a high school junior, is mainly known for his websites, most specifically Generation neXt, his Gen X website. However, for years he's been into writing, usually never satisfied with his work enough to actually put it online or publish it for others to read. But after two years of work on NQT, he's ready for everyone to read the story he wrote.

Tracie "KatroZ!" Mauk describes herself as "an over-worked, under-paid, lazy, unoriginal artist/writer who's "professional" credits are pathetic and recognised by about five people on the face of the planet." She is responsible for the original designs of Sierra, S-409, Shawn Collins, and Matt in NQT, along with helping Nate come up with the premise and basis of NQT. To see more of her art, click here!

Clare "Tigrr Wildcat" Mulroy is, like Nate, mainly known for her websites, specifically Kindred Spirits, which is also a Generation X site. However, she's also an artist. She's done numerous drawings for her website and the now-defunct webzine The Academy. She too dreams to some day draw comic books in the professional world. She was brought onboard NQT mainly because of her specialty with cat-girl creatures, which will be especially great for drawing S-409.

Ruyi Marie Yuen is just your average college kid studying studio art and graphic design. She would like to pencil and color comic books professionally or anything to do with animation someday (cartoons, computer games, movies, you name it). She has a website called Loony Studios and, trust us, it's a must see cause it has some incredible art and colored pieces to look at.

Glockgal is a miserable university student and a happy comic book illustrator. She usually wastes her time reading Nightwing and growling at interruptions. Her spare time is spent slogging in the military, drawing like a mad fool (for whomever she likes/pays her), and attempting to interact the the real world. The Elaysian Fields is her artwork gallery.

Jacob "Dark Claw" Bond, a long time friend of Nate's, came on board NQT as soon as Tracie found she would be unable to draw the series herself. He later returned to do actual issues of NQT, starting with issue #6. Like most fan-artists, he aspires to someday draw professional comic books. A long time contributor to The Academy, Dark Claw now runs Nexus Anime.

Amber "{dixey}" Shelton is a perpetual college student, who refuses to get a "real job". Though she started reading comics first, she's better known for her Downloadable Dragons, which resulted from momentary insanity & haven't gone away since. Most art time she can squeeze out of her schedule is devoted to trying to prove her much hated ex-art school wrong - SHE CAN TOO DRAW FINISHED ART! Her page is dixeyland, and she most definitely *does* negotiate commissions!

Angela (Netlady) Rambo was born and raised in the hick-state of Oregon. She plans to someday own the world, but for now she'll settle for furniture. She is a student in college and tutors English as a temporary job. She has been drawing since she could pick up a crayon and hasn't stopped since. She has a website with art and writing samples here.

A good friend of several of the NQT artists, Cathy "Girlyskin" is an up-and-coming young artist.Cathy "Girlyskin" filled-in for issue #5. Bringing a sense of mood and darkness to the issue, Girlyskin explored the more mysterious side of the characters. Samples of her art and more information about her is available here.

Ben "Avatar" Drexler first got into drawing elementary school and has been pursuing it ever since. The artists he idolizes are Raphael, Michelangelo, and Ingres, the latter of which he strives to follow most the style of. Eventually, he would love to get a job in main-stream comics. After doing a few pieces of art for The Academy, Nate1234 asked Avatar to help out with NQT, which he did. To see more of his art, click here.

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