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What is Not Quite Terrestrial?
It's an online comic book about Sierra Holt, a girl who discovers she's an alien-hybrid and has abilities beyond those of normal humans while still trying to carry on a normal life.

What is the purpose of NQT?
Well, I could lie to you and say it's to provide you all with quality entertainment for free... which it is, in part. But a major purpose of NQT is to help provide sequential story material for artists attempting to break into comics to draw and add to their portfolios. That is why the most recent issues are in pencil and don't have ink.

Why no color?
Color takes time. Time we don't have.

What is "Draft One"?
Years ago, Tracie Mauk and Nate Raymond tried to do a version of NQT that featured Sierra as a masked super-hero named Alien-Girl. And... it sucked. They ditched and revamped the concept. However, they nearly completed the first issue. Tracie has posted it on her site.

How much of NQT is researched?
Surprisingly, a good amount. Nate has spent many hours researching paranormal and urban legends to combine here and there in NQT.  For example, the Mothman in issue #5. Also, Shawn's complex was thoroughly researched to look, in certain ways, like Area 51 (the warning sign on the fence is word-for-word the same as the one at Area 51).

More questions coming soon!

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