Not Quite Terrestrial Tagline
What if Not Quite Terrestrial were to be made into a movie? That's what we were asking ourselves one day. So we cast all of our characters with really cool actors and actresses. So here's who we'd star in the film version of NQT.

Playing Sierra Holt would be Claire Danes (Brokedown Palace). She's very good at playing strong female roles plus looks very much like Sierra. She hasn't had much experience with special effects, but hey, I'm sure she'd be willing to learn how to act with them.

Runners Up: Larisa Oleynik, Natalie Portman, Kate Hudson, Alyson Hannigan, Kirsten Dunst

For Matt Smith, Sierra's long-time best-friend and and now boyfriend, we chose Josh Hartnet (Pearl Harbor). Josh is very good at conveying emotion in all of his movies, plus, as {dixey} put it, "He's a hottie and, though he's nice and buff, he looks like he might let a girl lead him around."

Runners Up: Elijah Wood, Ben Affleck

For the part of Shawn Collins, the antagonist of the story, we chose Christopher Walken (The Prophecy). Walken is excellent at playing powerful, evil men, as most of his movies have shown you. Plus, let's face it: Walken is one heck of a scary guy!

Runners Up: Sir Anthony Hopkins, Malcom McDowell, Michael Douglas

S-409 would, like most monsters today, be computer-generated. We chose the folks at Industrial Light & Magic to create our monster. Just look at what they did for Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace!

Runners Up: If you can't go for computer generated, then do it with costume and make-up

Although you the reader know very little yet about Kindle, let it just be said that the only actress who could do her justice is Kate Hudson (Almost Famous). She's got a darkness to her, but at the same time can be very funny. Plus, she's done a couple nude scenes before, so she wouldn't mind doing some of Kindle's more sexy scenes.

Runners Up: Natalie Portman, Heather Donahue, Julia Stiles, Eliza Dushku, Erika Christensen

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