Not Quite Terrestrial Tagline
We here at NQT have tons of friends who have websites as well. So, without further ado, here are some of our faves!

dixeyland - Great art by one of my friends, {dixey}, who's been known to do some NQT stuff now and then.

Boudicca.Com - Girlyskin did some great art in NQT #5, so if you liked her work, you might just want to look at her site!

CFAN - This is the reference site for fan-fic writers! A great site!

Digital Webbing - We try as often as we can to post messages about our updates here.

Drawn Blud Studios - A great site to see art by online artist Kevin H. Yancey.

The Elaysian Fields - Here's Glockgal's website, and her sister's too!

Empty Life Comics - A great little online comics 'zine which is a must-see!

Lead Poisoning - Wonderful art by the great gal we call KatroZ!

Loony Studios - Wanna see some more Ruyi Yuen art? Go here, because trust me, she's awesome!

IAmChibi.Com - Scifi, craziness, and a really weird webchica. Made by one of my friends, (guess who) Chibi!

JenActive.Com - I love this page! I swear, it may not be about Gen13 anymore, but it sure is a fun site!

Kindred Spirits - Tigrr's Gen X page, one of the longest existing on the web. Keep up the good work girl!

The Neon Umbra - A comic project of my friends Paige McKee.

Netlady's Abbey - A great page for cool art by a good friend, Netlady.

Simulated Existence - Tracie's and Jed's comic about a technological future.

SugarBombs.Com - Nate's page for all of those fanboy-ish webpages of his.

Sugar Bombs (The Band) - Imagine my surprise to find out there is a band with the same name and similar URL as my website! They're pretty cool guys, so go check out their site!

Walking Thunder: The Avatar Homepage - Avatar's website, showcasing his fine drawings and sketches.

Witzworx! - The official site for the font we use for captions in NQT.

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