Not Quite Terrestrial Tagline
Here's the cast of Not Quite Terrestrial. Yeah, I know there ain't a whole lot of them, but think of it this way: it's that much easier for you to never visit this section again.

Sierra Holt always thought she was an ordinary girl living an ordinary life. But now that she's becoming an adult and has graduated high school, she's discovering there may be more to her ordinary life than she thought. Especially when she discovers she possesses super-human abilities.

Matt Smith is indeed an ordinary boy. No secrets, no powers, and a loyal comic book and baseball fan to boot. But he happens to be Sierra's boyfriend, which tends to make his life a bit different now. After all, no one likes the idea of their girlfriend reading their mind... but flight is cool, so maybe it's not so bad after all.

Who is this guy? It's Shawn Collins. What does he have to do with all of this? Why he's the bad guy, of course! But... one more question. Why is it he has bionic arms, a pet cat-girl, a multi-million dollar estate, and an obsession with Sierra? Guess there's some things that you'll have to read the comic for.

S-409. Man's best friend. Well... Shawn's best friend at least. And she's not a dog, she's a cat... actually, she's not even completely cat, she's sorta human too... wait, that can't be... unless there's some more to her than meets the eye. Huh. Anyway, word of advice: don't piss her off, she scratches... and tears heads off.

Hey, it's Kindle! Who's Kindle, you ask? Well, we'd tell you, but we'd have to kill you. But trust us when we say she'll be a major character in the coming months. She's a little nuts, quite a bit sexy, and could give Sierra one heck of a fight. So... be prepared to fall in love with her! We sure have!

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